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Start sklepu - Wide range of cleaning materials now available online! Prochem... Selden... Ecover...Great prices! ... Details

Welcome to our AGP Cleaning Supplies website!  

We are West London based company with many years of experience in cleaning industry. Our showroom and trade counter is open at Askew Road, London W12 and now, for your convenience we can sell our product online ... Come inside and check our prices ....

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Prochem Proseal 5L
Catalog number: 68    
Company: Prochem
Our price: £32.50

A water-based acrylic seal and vinyl, rubber, asphalt, terrazzo, linoleum and semi-porous floor surfaces.... Details
Our Featured Products

Prochem Trafficlean 5L
Our price: £16.70

Extraction Plus 5L
Our price: £11.50

Crystal Green 4kg
Our price: £32.90

Ecover floor soap with natural linseed oil 1L
Our price: £3.50

Ecover window & glass cleaner 500ml
Our price: £2.60

Enhance ultra high floor polish 5L
Our price: £17.02

Vanosolve maintenance descaler 1L
Our price: £3.70

Clean Fast heavy duty washroom cleaner 5L
Our price: £9.90

One shot drain cleaner 1L
Our price: £6.50

Finish All In One lemon 86 tablets
Our price: £13.50

Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 225g(200)
Our price: £38.00


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Our New Products
Protect disicfectant 750ml
Protect disicfectant 750ml

Our price: £2.60

Carefree Stripper
Carefree Stripper

Our price: £14.60

Ariel Liquitabs 42 washes 3 in 1
Ariel Liquitabs 42 washes 3 in 1

Our price: £11.00

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